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Unfortunately due to COVID-19 all trainings have been postponed until further notice. Check back soon for more updates.

Please save the date of March 28th, 2020 at 9:30 to 11:30 for an ISCSW sponsored training event.  The presenter will be Deborah Glasscock, PhD, LCSW.  2 CEU’s will be given for attendees. The training is: Ethics and Issues in the Helping Professions This training is at the Boise State University, Interactive Learning Center room 202.

Deborah Glasscock, PhD, LCSW has worked in the fields of education and human services for 30+ years. Her social work experience began at age 5, helping her missionary parents visit and distribute clothing to the poorest of the poor, living in the interior of Mexico for a year and then working across the border. Her professional experience includes working with the Oglala Lakota Sioux people in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She has gone on over 3,000 home visits in her career, taught parenting classes to court-ordered domestic violence offenders, and served as an outpatient mental health counselor for over 10 years. Deborah has taught at George Fox University-Boise for 3 years and at NNU for the past 5 years; teaching a range of subjects including Ethics, Policy, Research, Nonverbal Communication, Assessments, and Practice. Her doctoral dissertation was recently published in ProQuest, Spiritual Abuse Among Cult Ex-Members: A Descriptive Phenomenological Psychological Inquiry, and she is scheduled to present her research results at an international conference in Montreal, Quebec, this summer.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define ethics in both comparison and contrast to virtues, values, morals, and legality.
  2. Explore the history and development of professional ethical codes.
  3. Understand professional codes of ethics as guidelines in an ethical decision-making framework.
  4. Discuss the challenges of balancing self-determination with dominant cultural expectations.
  5. Experience the importance of confidentiality and informed consent through a learning activity.
  6. Increase self-awareness of ethics through a self-assessment.
  7. Practice use of colleagues as valuable resources in ethical decision-making.

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This training is being offered in conjunction with Boise State University, School of Social Work.

We are a broad-based, active, statewide group that comes together to offer networking, mutual support, and learning opportunities that are encouraging, fun, inspirational and rewarding; to ultimately enhance the well being of vulnerable populations and the professional social workers that serve them.


To support professional social workers in Idaho by promoting excellence in clinical practice and enhancing the emotional health and well being of vulnerable populations.

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Training this Saturday!

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming training, 10.00/ceu or sign up as a member to receive all trainings for free!

Register here: ISCSW.org

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National Association of Social Workers

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Suicide Prevention & Risk Assessment Training - Register by 5/7

Training is free, but seating is limited! Registration by May 7 is required. Register here: rudd.eventbrite.com

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Section 8!!

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James Bitter discusses Brief Therapy from an Adlerian Perspective at the 2018 ISIP Conference in Boise Idaho. For more information check out www.adleridaho.org

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