June 2nd Treatment & Diagnosis of Children & Adolescents through a Psychiatry Lens


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When: June 2nd: Treatment & Diagnosis of Children & Adolescents through a Psychiatry Lens
Where: Boise State University, Interactive Learning Center, Room 302
Facilitator: Jed Magen, DO MS

Psychopharmacology for Social Workers
This one hour CEU session will focus on commonly used medications in child and adolescent psychiatry and discuss commonly seen side effects. The session will also discuss strategies for medication adherence, issues around compliance, and issues around how psychotherapists and psychiatrists administering medications can collaborate.
Learning Objectives:
• Identify psychotropic drugs commonly used in children, including second generation antipsychotics, SSRI antidepressants, mood stabilizers and stimulants; and
• Articulate the major therapeutic effects and side effects associated with these medications. Diagnosis in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
This one hour CEU session will focus on why it is so difficult to make reliable and valid DSM- 5 diagnoses in children and adolescents and will include discussion of the lack of biomarkers, the spectrum concept of psychiatric disorders, epigenetics and environmental effects.
Learning Objectives:
• Explain and discuss one epigenetic phenomenon as applied to behavior and will be able to list one genetic allele felt to be important in behavioral response to childhood abuse; and
•Articulate how psychiatric disorders are on a spectrum.