Ethics in Social Work Practice: Practical Applications in Decision-Making. September 30, 2023


Cost: Free to current ISCSW members.

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When: Saturday, September 30th, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Mountain Time
Location: This training will be fully virtual via the Zoom platform.

Cost: Free to current ISCSW members. $25 for non-members

Presenter/Facilitator: Les Szasz, LCSW, ISCSW Board Member

Learning Objectives.

At the conclusion of this training participants will be able to:
1) List and describe various models for ethical decision-making;
2) Describe the distinction between values and ethics;
3) Identify a model of decision-making based on personal preference;
4) Demonstrate a personal choice to practical (real-life) scenarios requiring decision making
5) Describe how many ethical decisions are non-binary-not necessarily right or wrong; all in the gray area