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Please save the date of December 7th, 2019 at 9:30 to 11:30 for an ISCSW sponsored training event.  The presenter will be Charles S. Pohl, LCSW, CGP.  2 CEU’s will be given for attendees. The training is: A Farewell to Arms.  This training is at the Boise State University, Interactive Learning Center room 202.

After 20 years at the VA and 47 years in the profession and on the verge of retirement from full time clinical social work, Charles Pohl LCSW, CGP has arrived at some conclusions about the nature of the work which he will present: “A Farewell to Arms”. He notes that after all these years, not only has he dodged “burnout”, he has found himself thriving in his clinical work. He will present on how he thinks about psychiatry and how he engaged with his patients to make it, as much as possible, a fulfilling experience for both patient and clinician. The presentation will include a discussion period for clinicians to reflect on their work and the ingredients that impose obstacles to the work and the ones they find that are helpful to avoid burning out.

Learning Objectives

  1. Outline the difficulties inherent in the medical model with mental health and list alternatives
  2. List several ways that use of language can enhance accurate problem focus with patients
  3. List the impact of childhood maltreatment on later medical and psychiatric health
  4. Describe the connection between social issues and mental illness and list the four constellations that influence depression.
  5. List several ways to view professional development and avoid burnout in clinical care

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This training is being offered in conjunction with Boise State University, School of Social Work.

We are a broad-based, active, statewide group that comes together to offer networking, mutual support, and learning opportunities that are encouraging, fun, inspirational and rewarding; to ultimately enhance the well being of vulnerable populations and the professional social workers that serve them.


To support professional social workers in Idaho by promoting excellence in clinical practice and enhancing the emotional health and well being of vulnerable populations.

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